Rules For General Play

by | Oct 2, 2019

The following rules will apply at all ARCM events as of August 1st, 2019.

  1. Please arrive at your game a MINIMUM of thirty (30) minutes prior to your scheduled starting time. Before each game, a member from each team will flip a coin with the winner having the choice of 1) first or second practice or 2) stone colour. Any team not ready to practice 15 minutes before the scheduled starting time will forfeit the right to practice and hammer.
  2. After the coin-toss, each team will practice. This includes two warm-up slides, and each member of the team will throw one practice stone up and back. Sweeping will be permitted for the last practice rock only. The team will then elect one player to throw their last stone draw (with sweeping), which will be measured. This will be used to determine the last rock advantage for the first end. The team with first practice will throw the clockwise rotation (in- turn for right-handed curlers). The team with second practice must deliver the opposite turn. The game begins immediately after the second team’s practice period. In the case of a tie in the draw, a coin-toss will determine hammer.
  3. All games will be eight (8) ends except for Men’s (Tankard) and Women’s (Scotties) Regionals. The losing skip can concede at any point in the game.
  4. The Free Guard Zone (5 Rock) Rule is in effect.
  5. All games must commence at the time scheduled. A team arriving 1 to 15 minutes late without acceptable reason will be penalized one (1) point, one (1) end and the hammer, 16 to 30 minutes late will be penalized two (2) points, two (2) ends and the hammer. After thirty (30) minutes, the game will be defaulted.
  6. Substitutes may play at any position, but a player who has played for one team during the Championship may not replace somebody on another team.
  7. A team may play with only three (3) players. In such a case, the first two (2) players will deliver three (3) consecutive stones per end.
  8. No foul language, throwing or smashing of brooms will be tolerated. Offenders may be subject to suspension or expulsion.
  9. During the measurement of a stone, only the designated vice-skips are allowed in the House. In most cases, measurements should be done by the players on the ice. You may ask the official for assistance.
  10. If the game is tied after regulation, a full extra end will be played.
  11. The CCA Rules of Curling for General Play shall apply in all other situations.

The CCA Rules of Curling for General Play are available on the Canadian Curling Association Web site at the following address: